How Expectations Kill Your Creativity

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There are two kinds of expectations, External and Internal, both can be very damaging to our artistic health. We can struggle with self-doubt and lack of motivation. We may not evolve as an artist or achieve our true potential.

External expectations;

The expectations others exert on us can have a significant impact on how we draw or whether we draw at all. As artists we want people to like what we do. We want their approval. We want to feel as though they value what we do. The art world is full of external expectations. The kind of art that is displayed in galleries tells us what is acceptable and what we should aspire to do. Art education is all about expectations from how it should be done to whether the teacher will consider our work good enough. Being part of a group or taking part in competitions and juried exhibitions are also external expectations.

Internal expectations;

Internal expectations are often based on external expectations that we amplify, but there are also psychological motives. We may choose to impose a goal or standard on ourselves based on a comparison in order to feel worthy and equal. Or we may want a specific outcome, to impress or achieve fame and fortune.


The fact is that we should try to remove all expectations if we want our true creative ability to flourish. Whatever shape or size that is.

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How Expectations Kill Your Creativity

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